Every once in a while a film comes along that takes a genre by storm. These films instantly find themselves regarded as classics by critical and popular masses alike, and their name becomes a firm part of the cinematic lexicon. Martyrs,… Read More ›

Hidden (Caché)

Hidden is the second film in our Haneke season and is infinitely more watchable than our first, Benny’s Video. As discussed previously, Haneke uses filmmaking to make a statement on socio-political themes, not just for economic reasons. Hidden takes some… Read More ›

Benny’s Video

Benny’s Video is a far cry away from Michael Haneke’s latest film, Amour. Amour deals with unconditional love, loss and everything in between, in an honest but human way. It makes a statement but without Haneke’s usual ‘…f**k you, I don’t… Read More ›