140 words: Side Effects

A young, depressed woman has her life collapse around her when the drugs she was prescribed by her psychiatrist have some extremely unwanted side effects. Soderbergh’s self-proclaimed ‘last movie’, Side Effects owes a large debt to the classic thrillers of the… Read More ›

Les diaboliques

It’s the Hitchcock movie that never was. Les diaboliques tells a tale of love, lust, oppression, revenge and loyalty. Set in a boys boarding school in post-war France, the story centres around the wife of an oppresive headmaster, the headmaster’s… Read More ›

The Purge

The Purge has an interesting, if a bit really ridiculous, premise. Set in 2022, on one night a year, America’s New Founding Fathers have granted its citizens 12 hours to ‘purge their sins’. They can enact their most depraved and… Read More ›


Hell, which means ‘bright’ in German, is a German-Swiss co-production, produced by Roland Emmerich, that tells a tale of near future Earth where humans have to fight for survival after an epic rise in global temperature. Hell‘s dusty, arid climate… Read More ›

The Grey

The Grey, a movie that, if I recall correctly, was marketed in the UK as ‘Taken with wolves’, delivered a strikingly different cinematic experience to the one I was expecting. A tale of survival that I thought was going to be… Read More ›


Danny Boyle is rightfully mentioned in the same breath as legendary British directors David Lean, Alfred Hitchcock and Ken Loach. After winning an Oscar in 2008 with Slumdog Millionaire, Boyle took on two projects at the same time; the London… Read More ›