Film Podcasts: who listens to them and what are your favourites?


As film bloggers, we have decided to commit ourselves to spending an inordinate amount of time watching movies and writing about them. However, there is another group out there equally as crazy as us; these are the people who spend time watching movies and talking about them instead. So, for the first time on our homepage, here are some of our favourite film/movie podcasts!

Film Fandango (< these are all links, btw)

Hosted by English comedians, David Reid and Marek Larwood (and Buddy the dog), Film Fandango is a refreshing mixture of easy-listening banter, silly accents and some occasional high-brow navel-gazing. The show used to be broadcast on Absolute Radio (in Britain), hosted by the aforementioned pair as well as Danielle Ward, but she left recently to do something on Broadway.

Slasher Cast

My five favourite middle fingers; the guys over at Slasher Cast are an…honest…bunch. Not for everyone (read: explicit), this horror podcast is released week-on-week, and has recently celebrated a 2nd birthday. I have spent far too many hours listening and re-listening to the musings and rants of Jack, Mike, New Jersey Nick, Dave and Ted, and I always look forward to Tuesday mornings when I can listen to the newest episode. Honestly, some of my biggest laughs in the past year and a half have been as a result of listening to this show.

A Damn Movie Podcast

Talk about a perfect blend of low-brow banter and high-brow super-analysis… Broadcasting from Salt Lake City, Utah, Adam Palcher and Adamn Sherlock have reviewed a huge amount of classics (and Battlefield Earth), and, without fail, manage to make me smile with their back-and-forths. It makes me laugh when I hear the next beer can open, and if I had to hazard a guess, I’d go with Sherlock being the culprit.

How Did This Get Made?

This podcast is literally bananas.  HDTGM, not to be confused with HIMYM (fuck those guys), delves deep into the pit of awful movies, pulling out some forgotten gems – Mortal Kombat is the latest offering – for some brutal analysis and balls-out commentaryAlways hilarious and occasionally enlightening, this podcast hosted by Paul Scheer with regular guests June Diane Raphael and Jason Mantzoukus, plus a different guest each week, is a refreshing take on the film podcast. Crude, slightly insane, but an undeniable comedic chemistry between the hosts makes this one of my faves.

Film Junk

With humour drier than the Sahara, Film Junk and its Canadian hosts tear through current releases like it’s going out of fashion. They also have a really decent website, and some premium podcasts with in-depth analysis of some of the biggest blockbusters and franchises in cinema history. Also, sometimes it’s good listening to some hate, which is always a possibility with Film Junk.

Bloody Good Horror

Words of the day; beers of the episode; stories; letters; film reviews; bloody good laughs. This show goes above and beyond what I would expect from a podcast, and it’s up there with my favourites. A giant in the horror podcast world.

The /Filmcast

Probably the most populist show to which I listen, The SlashFilmcast touches upon all the newest releases in an easy to digest manner. I love their guests, especially Laremy Legel, and they have great chemistry. Much like Slasher Cast and Film Junk, it’s good to hear a podcast that doesn’t always agree. Also, /Filmcast had one of the best debates I have heard on the topic of streaming movies, Netflix and the future. Really great stuff.

Wittertainment: Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Review

Flagship film show; The Good Doctor; Matthew Mahogany; BA in History and 100m swimming certificate; flappy hands; The Code of Conduct; totes emoshe, dead amaze; colonial commoners; Floyd and Boyd; oversized microphones; all-star guests; Kermodean rants; high brow, low brow; fart guns; top tens; long time listener- first time emailer; film of the week; TV film of the week; album of the week – Nick Lowe, Jesus of cool, David Morrissey and Hello to Jason Issacs.

If all that has left you scratching your head, listening to the podcast for the first time may have the same effect. Stick with it, however, and you will learn to wear your Wittertainee status with pride, as well as smugly congratulating yourself at how smart and knowledgeable you are about mis-en-scene and Japanese animation. A cacophony of in-jokes sandwiched between genuine banter, the best film analysis on the radio and truly impressive guests, this podcast is a must listen for wannabe film buffs.

So, fellow film lovers, what are your favourite movie podcasts? Does anyone listen to any of these? Also, if you have a podcast, drop a comment below!


[Meta] What is it about film that speaks to you?


It’s no secret that if you are reading this you probably have an unhealthy relationship with film. We are all part of a thriving online community, and while we have our day-to-day lives, we go to work, socialise and have other responsibilities (families and children), I’m sure that if you were asked “when are you most happy?”, a lot of your answers would be something along the lines of “when I’m watching a movie (alone/with my girlfriend/wife/mates/kids)”.

I went for dinner with my parents recently and my mother asked me what it was about horror movies that spoke to me. On the surface it may be my grandfather’s fault; letting me watch 18-rated scary movies at the tender age of 4 undoubtedly released so many chemicals into my young brain that I am still searching for that same feeling of fear and excitement. However, I think there is something more than that, and it stretches to movies as an art form.

Other than music and possibly books, I’d posit the idea that watching a film is the most emotionally-engaging art form we can enjoy as mere mortals. If a film is made right it can make you feel distraught, ecstatic, tickled pink, horny or terrified, and those are just the decent ones. We all have ‘that film’, or if we are lucky, ‘those films’; the movies you revisit year after year that make you feel the same emotions you felt the very first time you watched them at the cinema, on VHS, DVD or online. Personally, I have movies that I adore (some of them are here), and I think the main reason I will feel moved enough by a film to spend my free time writing about it online is if it is adventurous with the style, or if the story feels new or relevant to me. Movies that play with genre also really do it for me; Cabin in the Woods is a fantastic example from recent times!

So what do you look for in a film? Or better still, what aspects of movies make your jaw drop, are unforgettable, or have changed the way you view not just movies, but the world in general? What is it about film that speaks to you?

Wonderful Wednesday: some brief admin


Firstly, we (read: I, sorry Lauren) need to apologise for accidentally publishing two articles this morning! I was trying to schedule them for later in the week from the WordPress app and it all went Peter Tong. So, if you try and access our ’10 things’ and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs articles published earlier than this post you will hit a 404!


Secondly, we’re on both Vine (search Frame Rates on your iPhone and Android) and Instagram as of this morning! We won’t post pictures of our food, and it will mostly be relevant to the cinematic medium. Our first Vine is shows the life of a Keyframe in After Effects!

Finally, June could well be a bit choppy with content; Lauren is getting married (yay!) and I am going to Barcelona and Zurich for some sun and cerveza, however we will get some reviews written beforehand and hopefully schedule them properly this time!

Cheers, all! Lookout for our ’10 things’ going up – and staying up – later today!

Do you review all the films you watch?


We’ve lost count of how many films we’ve watched this year. 2013 is almost half done, and I think a ballpark figure would be over 150 movies between us. Obviously we haven’t written 150 reviews, which got us thinking…

Do you review everything you watch?

Here are just a couple of films that didn’t make the cut for different reasons (mainly time constraints!);

The Divide

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Heart of Darkness

Apocalypse Now

The Boys from Company C

Full Metal Jacket


Ghostbusters 1+2


The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

The Ward


House of the Devil

The Innkeepers

Cockneys vs Zombies

Battle – Los Angeles

Lethal Weapon

From Paris with Love

One Missed Call

Terror at the Opera


The Lookout

Dead Snow

Office Space

Training Day

Due Date

The Cable Guy

Silent House


The Last Exorcism

Night of the Hunter



Tell No One


Ghost Ship

Butterfly on a Wheel

The Big Steal

Elite Squad 1+2

Winter’s Bone


Berbarian Sound Studio

These are just a couple of movies we’ve watched without reviewing. On reflection, I think we are going to have to go back to a few of them and get thoughts down for posterity.

Can you see any in that list that need a review? Livid and The Innkeepers jump out, and Elite Squad 1+2.

What are some of the movies you have seen recently that you haven’t had the time to review?