The Sacrament

When a Vice documentary crew discover that one of their own’s sister has fled the US, they embark on a journey to a remote jungle in an undisclosed location to find her. Once they are on the ground in “Eden… Read More ›

Robocop (1987)

With the impending release of the Robocop reboot, I thought I would pop my nostalgia boner and revisit the 1987, Paul Verhoeven original. Oh, and spoilers for a 26 year old movie. Though you really should have seen this… In a… Read More ›

Founder’s Day trailer

As with Crying Wolf, here at Frame Rates we love being able to provide a platform to any independent filmmakers. That’s why we are proud to present the trailer for the forthcoming horror flick, Founder’s Day! MainFrame Pictures is proud to announce the… Read More ›


When Michael (Peter Cilella) decides to intervene to save his friend, Chris (Vinny Curran), from the throes of methamphetamine addiction, he chains him to a pipe in a cabin to induce withdrawal. However, as the days pass, the pair begin… Read More ›


Frank, troubled mannequin shop owner, struggles to repress his sexually-motivated, murderous urges as he wanders the streets of New York City. When he meets a beautiful female photographer, what begins as a friendship, quickly escalates into something dangerous and sinister,… Read More ›

140 words: Hausu

After Oshare discovers an unwelcome guest on her summer trip, her and her friends change their plans and visit her aunt instead. As the group settle into the house, they soon find their lives in grave danger. I missed the… Read More ›

The Conjuring

Insidious, I think it’s fair to say, was a movie that chilled a fair number of people out there. Unfortunately, it was on my ‘Meh’ list of last year. It held me for an hour, and, although it didn’t completely… Read More ›

140 words: The Pact

140 word reviews are normally saved for impromptu flicks that we like or films that we feel fall short of the mark. The Pact unfortunately falls into the latter category. Beautifully shot, the movie looks absolutely stunning. However, that’s not… Read More ›

Les diaboliques

It’s the Hitchcock movie that never was. Les diaboliques tells a tale of love, lust, oppression, revenge and loyalty. Set in a boys boarding school in post-war France, the story centres around the wife of an oppresive headmaster, the headmaster’s… Read More ›

140 words: Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo is not just another Australian found footage horror movie. Alice, 16, disappears while swimming in a local dam. When her body turns up, her family begin their grieving process but discover something sinister lurking in Alice’s past. Lake Mungo is… Read More ›

American Mary

I gave it a really big chance. American Mary is not terrible. The production values are definitely adequate, and the beginning of the movie had a decent tone, with a mixture of cartoony humour and gross cinematography. The plot is… Read More ›

A Field in England UK Trailer

Ben Wheatley, director of the controversial Kill List and recent release Sightseers, is back with the rather awesome-looking A Field in England. This is one that we will have a close eye on, and, both of us being English, are looking forward to being… Read More ›

The Loved Ones

Can you hear that? That is the sound of an immensely satisfied horror fan. I watched The Loved Ones this week and, even 48 hours later, I feel like the cat that got the cream. A feature length debut from… Read More ›