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The Sacrament

When a Vice documentary crew discover that one of their own’s sister has fled the US, they embark on a journey to a remote jungle in an undisclosed location to find her. Once they are on the ground in “Eden… Read More ›


When Michael (Peter Cilella) decides to intervene to save his friend, Chris (Vinny Curran), from the throes of methamphetamine addiction, he chains him to a pipe in a cabin to induce withdrawal. However, as the days pass, the pair begin… Read More ›

You’re Next

When a family reunite for their parent’s 35th wedding anniversary, they find themselves at the end of a, seemingly random, murderous rampage. As things progress they realise that the perpetrators are willing to stop at nothing. Bloody glorious. There’s my… Read More ›

140 words: Dead Silence

Jamie’s life is suddenly destroyed when a mysterious ventriloquist doll arrives on his doorstep. As he unravels the mystery he finds himself unravelling the horror that haunts an old American town. This movie completed the James Wan set for me…. Read More ›

The Innkeepers

Ti West, aside from his absolutely terrible segment in ABCs of Death, has cemented himself as the horror fan’s director. The House of the Devil showed how adept West is at building suspense while tipping his nostalgia hat to bygone days… Read More ›

140 words: The Pact

140 word reviews are normally saved for impromptu flicks that we like or films that we feel fall short of the mark. The Pact unfortunately falls into the latter category. Beautifully shot, the movie looks absolutely stunning. However, that’s not… Read More ›

140 words: Stake Land

Zombieland meets 10 years of class A drug abuse and depression in Stake Land. Excellently shot and competently directed, this post-apocalyptic vampire horror presents complex characters, soul-destroying narrative twists and turns, and a team of anti-heroes in a world of… Read More ›

The ABCs of Death

So, The ABCs of Death, what an ambitious project this proved to be. It wasn’t an out-and-out success per sé, however there were some segments in this 26 short film anthology that showed there are some exciting directors out there… Read More ›

The Collection

The Collector, a Saw-inspired, ‘torture porn’ outing set in a booby-trapped house, was a movie so ghastly it teetered very near to tasteless, but was strangely satisfying and achieved its ultimate goal of being repulsive yet watchable. We saw a masked… Read More ›

Evil Dead

It happened. We finally saw the long-awaited new vision of Evil Dead. Whether it was due to the marketing of the movie – putting pretty much all of the key plot points in the trailer, or just a desire to… Read More ›