The Square

You know that feeling you get when you watch a movie for the first time and the phone gets put down, you get tunnel-vision and it feels like you’re floating? The Square did that to me. Documenting two years in Cairo,… Read More ›

140 words: Somm

Four American sommeliers attempt to pass one of the hardest entry exams in the world; the Master Sommelier. Before I watched Somm I thought sommeliers were guys/girls that knew more than most about wine and who got pissed at work. Oh,… Read More ›

The Summit

The Summit is the second feature length documentary we saw at Sundance, and was quite a different experience to Blackfish. Before attacking the plot, lets prologue this review by saying The Summit looks absolutely beautiful. Being able to see the K2… Read More ›


Blackfish, the feature-length documentary from Gabriela Cowperthwaite, investigates the 2010 tragic death of Seaworld trainer Dawn Brancheau by a 12,000 pound male orca whale, Tilikum, at Seaworld Orlando. Using archive news footage inter-cut with interviews with former Seaworld trainers, Blackfish examines the chequered… Read More ›


Sometimes you’ll see a movie and you’re left wondering “where have those 100 minutes have just gone?”. This was certainly the case with Senna, the archive footage documentary charting the meteoric rise and eventual tragic death of the legendary Formula… Read More ›


McCullin, released last year, is a candid and often shocking documentary charting the life of legendary photographer Donald McCullin. It starts with his big break; photographing inner-city life, the rough parts of north London and his friends and relatives, and… Read More ›