All Is Lost

PSA: At Frame Rates, we don’t like to reveal spoilers in our reviews. However, in the case of All Is Lost, it is impossible to discuss the movie without giving away the premise. Therefore, the following review will talk about… Read More ›

Robocop (1987)

With the impending release of the Robocop reboot, I thought I would pop my nostalgia boner and revisit the 1987, Paul Verhoeven original. Oh, and spoilers for a 26 year old movie. Though you really should have seen this… In a… Read More ›

Now You See Me

The FBI and Interpol assign detectives to investigate a team of magicians – the self-proclaimed ‘Four Horsemen’ (Eisenberg, Fisher, Harrelson, Franco) – who perform elaborate bank thefts in their shows and repatriate the money that they steal to their audiences. Now You… Read More ›

Man On Fire

I lost my DVD of Man On Fire, well the disc anyway. I still had the box, and every time I thought about watching it, I opened the case hoping St Christopher had returned it without me knowing. This never… Read More ›

Olympus has Fallen

Well I’m definitely eating my proverbial hat right now. What’s that phrase about a book and a cover? Forgive me if I can’t remember, my brain is still ringing from watching the latest GERARD BUTLER (sorry, Wittertainment joke) offering. After… Read More ›


When Karl Urban uttered these words, the repressed memories of Sly Stallone’s Judge Dredd briefly regurgitated into my brain. Luckily, the latest iteration of Dredd, at that point, had been an hour of gripping, thrilling, [insert superlatives] filmmaking which left… Read More ›