140 words

140 words: Dead Silence

Jamie’s life is suddenly destroyed when a mysterious ventriloquist doll arrives on his doorstep. As he unravels the mystery he finds himself unravelling the horror that haunts an old American town. This movie completed the James Wan set for me…. Read More ›

140 words: Somm

Four American sommeliers attempt to pass one of the hardest entry exams in the world; the Master Sommelier. Before I watched Somm I thought sommeliers were guys/girls that knew more than most about wine and who got pissed at work. Oh,… Read More ›

140 words: Exam

8 ambitious job candidates are tasked with completing an entry exam. The only rules are the rules of the invigilator. Will a candidate be selected for the job? Exam is a British, smart, culturally-relevant thriller about the medicine industry. It’s not… Read More ›