Disaster Movies

“Because cinematic turds need love too.”
Framerates bring you the biggest misses in movie history, as rated by the good members of IMDb. So without further ado….here are our thoughts on IMDb’s Bottom 100. PSA: it may get a bit sweary in here.

Now You See Me

The FBI and Interpol assign detectives to investigate a team of magicians – the self-proclaimed ‘Four Horsemen’ (Eisenberg, Fisher, Harrelson, Franco) – who perform elaborate bank thefts in their shows and repatriate the money that they steal to their audiences. Now You… Read More ›

Disaster Movie

You only have to look at IMDB’s ‘People who like this movie also liked’ list to find the cinematic calibre of Disaster Movie. It shares the same shelf as Fat Slags ‘filthy toilet humour but we love it’ (not my… Read More ›