Penny Dreadful


Just when I wondering what was going to take the edge off completing the fantastic second series of Orange is the New Black, along comes the deliciously twisted and psychotic Penny Dreadful. From renowned Oscar nominated writer, John Logan (Any Given Sunday, Gladiator, The Aviator, Skyfall– to name but a few), and produced by Sam Mendes, this sophisticated, clever take on the great characters of Victorian literature, with the likes of Dorian Grey and Frankenstein leading the charge, majestically weaves together the old with the new in a slick, dark and genuinely horrifying fashion. Set in a richly designed and atmospheric Victorian London, a maturity and cinematic depth shines through from the start, all supported by a first class cast – Eva Green. Seance. That’s all I’m saying.

Penny Dreadful is frightening, sexy, sharply written, beautifully shot and is full of originality. What more do you want? A must watch for the summer.


What do you think?

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