In a World


In a World, a small independent film about a struggling female voice-over artist that made its début at Sundance in 2013, introduces us to the emerging writing talent and flourishing star power of the captivating Lake Bell. Bell, most commonly known for her supporting roles in main stream comedies such as What Happens in Vegas and No Strings Attached, brings a keen comedic eye and intelligent wit to her feature length directorial début. Unlike the predictable formula from her previous work, Bell doesn’t seem content in pigeon-holing her film into a particular genre. In a World dances between comedy, romance and drama, however managing to never seem disjointed; instead her characters and narrative support the script’s shifts in gears beautifully.

In a world (sorry) where strong female film makers are few and far between Bell’s well written, rounded and independent female characters are a breath of fresh air. Men take second place in this film however not in an obvious or forced way. Bell has made sure to empower the female voice however she never veers into the ridiculous or trite and manages to serve any overtly feminist victories with a heavy dose of well observed realism. She supports this with interesting and wholly more real casting choices. The male romantic lead doesn’t conform to type and plays a secondary part in the story instead of being the driving force, however he is still convincingly written and is in no way diminished or underdeveloped. What Bell has achieved is a film that has affection for all its characters, male and female, yet goes a long way in demonstrating that women’s ambitions go above and beyond romance.

In a World is a great independent film and is well worth a watch if you like your comedies a little more obtuse but still full of soul. 


One thought on “In a World

  1. It’s not amazing or anything, but still a pleasant enough time that I didn’t care too much about it not being all that weighty. It’s fine as is, and shows us that Lake Bell could definitely have a bright future ahead of her as writer and director. Good review.

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