Pandora’s Promise


Pandora’s Promise by Robert Stone is a concise and frank look at the world’s energy crisis seen through the eye’s of converted traditionalist environmentalists and centred on the debate around nuclear power. The history and the future of nuclear power is considered through the stories of those who had, in the past, been most vocal against it. The result is a sobering, powerful 90 minutes about the effect of globalisation and the increasing demand for energy, the unfortunate misconceptions of the implications and effect of nuclear power, and how the future of clean energy is obviously nuclear. Opponents may suggest that this film is one sided in its argument, going as so far to down play Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukushima, however, the anti-nuclear movement has had 50 years to broadcast their voice. Stone’s rebuttal cleverly argues that solar and wind technology is woefully insufficient compared to the potential of nuclear power.

Pandora’s promise is simplistic, persuasive and almost stoic in style. However idealistic, it’s undeniable that Stone’s argument and evidence is convincing. This will educate and enlighten without pomp and circumstance, which is a testament to the importance of the subject matter and the skill of the director who beautifully complements such a message instead of shrouding it.


2 thoughts on “Pandora’s Promise

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