Frame Rates Movies of Our Year 2013


Belatedly, it’s that time of year where we should have a retrospective on the past year’s releases. However, as we don’t explicitly keep up-to-date with every current release on Frame Rates, we are going to offer up our individual winners from a selection of categories pertaining to our own 2013 movie viewing; think of it as a Frame Rates Year-End Review. So without further ado… (click on the films in blue to read our original reviews)

Ian’s Picks

A 2013 Top 3 [That I’ve Seen]

1. Gravity

2. You’re Next

3. Mud


It’s official: Matthew Maconaughey is a great actor. Gone are his leaning days, and in has been ushered an era of convincing, humble, compelling characters and a likability that makes him even more believable. Even though he was the whipping boy of Hollywood for many years, it was all for the best, as now his resurgence is epitomised by his role in Mud. A fairy tale of love, redemption and friendship, I was completely on board throughout, I was touched by his relationship with the young protagonist, and thrilled until the very end by the perfectly-toned action and adventure. An entry into MM’s best roles, and certainly one of my films of the year.

I’ve Already Watched it Twice


My iTunes Rental of the Year

The Loved Ones (2009)

Surprise of the Year

The Conjuring

I Wish I Hadn’t Bought It

Only God Forgives


2013 was the first year in which I let a man jerk off in my face for 90 mins. Obviously I am talking figuratively, and about the boring, ultra-violent, collage of red and pink in Only God Forgives. Winding Refn’s oeuvre is beautifully shot, brutal and very easy on the ear. Drive rightfully deserves its place among the best films of 2011 and is certainly his best work. Unfortunately, Only God Forgives is littered with awful dialogue, horrible pacing, and if it weren’t for the saving graces of the woefully under-used Kristen Scott-Thomas and the aforementioned cinematography, I would have turned this off after 20 minutes. I couldn’t even get behind the violence and gore, and that’s the main reason I stuck with Homeland beyond episode 6 this season. Very disappointing indeed.

I wish I’d Seen it at the Cinema

V/H/S/ 2


There are very few sequels that stand up to the original, but boy does this go against that particular grain. V/H/S/2 was something I didn’t get to see at the cinema, so when I watched this exciting, bat-shit insane, gorefest in HD, I couldn’t help but think I should have cancelled all those plans I had during its cinema release to see it on the big screen. ‘Safe Haven’, one of the shorts, might be one of the best pieces of horror cinema I have seen. Honestly, if you are into copious gore, robot eyes, cute dogs, weird cults, and exceptionally good found footage horror, check this out. You won’t be disappointed.

Worst Film

Now You See Me
Fuck this movie. Seriously.

Lauren’s Picks

A 2013 Top 3 [That I’ve Seen]

1. Gravity

2. Behind the Candelabra

3. Despicable Me 2


I think its always a risk, however inevitable it seems these days, to make a sequel when a film is as good as Despicable Me, so I was understandably wary going into Despicable Me 2. Ten minutes into the film I let out a sigh of relief. The characters were funnier, more charming and all the elements of the first film that we liked and wanted to see more of had been piled on and ramped up; basically more minions and more fart jokes. The introduction of a love interest for Gru added a new layer to the story and allowed the development of the family unit to play out, keeping the story fresh and interesting. Gags, stunts, gadgets, villains and the cutest animated infant since Boo from Monsters Inc. meant this really was a joy to watch.

I’ve Already Watched it Twice


Sorry same choice as Ian!  I have watched this twice now and have high hopes for this as we go into the 2014 awards season. This film is changing public opinion in a big way, a testament to how fantastic this film really is.

My iTunes Rental of the Year

Gone Baby Gone

Surprise of the Year

The Impossible

I wasn’t the one to originally review this film back May and I won’t attempt to better Ian’s wonderful write- up but I think its worth mentioning my reasons for selecting it as Surprise of the Year. When the marketing campaign for The Impossible was rolled out around Xmas of 2012 I couldn’t have been more disgusted with the lack of taste and sensitivity of the films subject matter. In my eyes it was too soon and any attempt at dramatising the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami was mercenary and exploitative. Boy I couldn’t have been more wrong. This is a beautiful film that emotionally grabbed me and did so in a way that memorialised the victims and put into perspective the realities of the disaster.

I Wish I Hadn’t Bought It

21 & Over

I wish I’d Seen it at the Cinema

Star Trek Into Darkness


Yeah Star Trek! Yeah J. J. Abrams! Yeah Benedict Cumberbatch! Love love love love. Building on the strength of the first movie (first reboot – yes I know Star Trek has been around for as long as Christianity) Star Trek Into Darkness capitalises on the friendship of Spock and Kirk and tests the crew of the Enterprise with a deliciously evil foil in the form of Benedict Cumberbatch. Star Trek for me is going from strength to strength as Abrams develops and moulds his imagined universe. The action sequences are exciting – hence the regret I watched this on a 5 inch phone- and the dialogue pitched just right to be both funny and dramatic. Great film.

Worst Film

Pacific Rim


I love Sci-Fi and the thought of giant robots/nuclear powered war machines fighting giant sea monsters fills me with all sort of glee, which makes this disappointing as well as dire. The dialogue in Pacific Rim is some of the worst I have ever heard, the acting is over the top and hammy, and the CGI monsters have no depth or substance to them at all. I hated this the entire 2 hours it was on and I’m still angry now. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a tank of manatees credited as Scriptwriters. Guillermo del Toro I expected better. Although nice to see a former EastEnders actor getting a big break. Shame he was butchering an Australian accent and ruining every scene in which he appeared….


7 thoughts on “Frame Rates Movies of Our Year 2013

  1. Aww….Pacific Rim as the worst? I definitely definitely definitely hated the dialogue and character development was. . . well, hah…it just didn’t exist. But I had a blast with the action and the Jaegers and robots fight sequences were nuts. Idris Elba is a great guy too so that helped. Fortunately, I guess this being at your worst means you didn’t get to suffer Movie 43. That made my worst. That nearly killed cinema for me.

    1. Normally I can stand shit dialogue for the sake of some well done action sequences but the acting and script was so bad I was just angry the entire time. Yes the highlight of the film was the action but it was like going to a restaurant and expecting steak but instead being served shit with a cherry on top. Yes the cherry is nice but the bulk of what you’re experiencing is shit… I avoided movie 43 as I heard it was the worst so I can completely appreciate your point on that!

    1. Ok maybe worst film category is a bit inaccurate however this is definitely the film I hated the most. I don’t think I have seen acting that bad in any other film this year. I hated it as much as Now You See Me. What’s your worst film of the year?

      1. I am going on record and saying that I enjoyed Movie 43 more than NYSM. There was nothing redeeming about either, but at least I could laugh at M43!

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