Classics reviewed by a 13 year old: Rear Window


So, the other day in my English Language class we watched this really old movie called Rear Windows. Basically a guy with a broken leg looks out of a window for ages and sees this woman get killed, which was totally boring and like the Simpsons episode I saw ages ago. It was made like before the world war 2 happened because they spoke with stupid accents, and the camera hardly moves (I guess they didn’t have the correct equipment to make the editing quick), and I felt like I was watching a play.

Teacher told us that the director Alfred Hitchcock is the master of suspense, but if I saw him on the street I’d tell him to add some better music in his films because I don’t like classical music with violins or bass lines. Honestly, if I have to see another one of his films I might literally die of boredom. That’s not to mention the acting was lame and he clearly didn’t have a broken leg because if he did why is he in a wheelchair? He’s not paralysed.

All in all I would say don’t bother with this film. It’s slow, it doesn’t make any sense (why doesn’t he watch TV instead of looking outside???) and the ending sucks because it’s really unrealistic.


9 thoughts on “Classics reviewed by a 13 year old: Rear Window

  1. This is really great. I look forward to more. It would be cool to see a post about a classic film reviewed by a 13 year old Girl and one by a 13 year old boy.

    1. Thanks dude! I was actually thinking about that on my train journey about an hour ago. Conveniently we have both genders covered on here so we’ll see what we can do!

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