140 Words: Stuck In Love


Stuck in Love, is a sweet, if not slightly overly sentimental, drama revolving around the ill-fated love lives of one family dealing with divorce. Greg Kinnear and Jennifer Connoly are reliable here as the struggling parents however their performances lacked heft and at times bordered on shallow. There is more to be appreciated from the lesser known, younger, cast members whose stories are weightier and wholly more believable than those of the ‘adults’, especially from Logan Lerman and new comer Nat Wolfe, who are both charming yet enigmatic.

Stuck in Love succeeds in tugging on the heart strings on a few occasions, unfortunately a few implausible plot points drag the story down and gives it a gloss that is all too familiar. Director and writer Josh Boone succumbed to fail-safe tropes and the result is a pleasant but forgettable drama.


One thought on “140 Words: Stuck In Love

  1. Nice review. 🙂 Just happened to catch and review this one recently. Although it’s all a bit gaggy and predictable, it worked for me anyway. I thought it was a pleasant surprise.

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