140 Words: Adore


Adore, previously named ‘Two Mothers’ and adapted from the book The Grandmothers, has been brought to the big-screen by French director Anne Fontaine. Idyllic, Australian vistas provide the setting for this unsettling story about two childhood friends falling for each other’s sons.

There is a lot to be admired within Fontaine’s strong ensemble piece; most significantly, Robin Wright and Naomi Watts drive the film’s theme about age with grace and complexity. However, the film begins to feel shallow, as the cast gets lost beneath the ethereal haze around which Fontaine has wrapped the film. With such a vivacious and beautiful world, these characters fade away and are lifeless, and enhanced dialogue was needed to make the film meatier and wholly more satisfying.

It’s undeniable that Adore is intriguing, intense and stunning, however this is a case of style over substance.


One thought on “140 Words: Adore

  1. To me, just felt like a very interesting premise that they could have done wonders with, but somehow, for some odd reason, just didn’t. The performances were bearable, at that. Good review.

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