140 words: Hausu


After Oshare discovers an unwelcome guest on her summer trip, her and her friends change their plans and visit her aunt instead. As the group settle into the house, they soon find their lives in grave danger.

I missed the film showing of Hausu while at university, but heard many great things about the movie; it was subversive, bizarre, but more importantly, bloody good horror fun. I agree it’s bizarre and subversive, but unfortunately it was also quite a chore to behold. The first act plays out as an arduous slog, and whilst there are some funny moments of dialogue and interesting uses of animation, I’m disappointed that I didn’t enjoy Hausu more.

Hausu has cult status among fans of Asian cinema. I can’t liken it to another movie, so you’ll have to watch it and make up your own mind!



4 thoughts on “140 words: Hausu

  1. I just like that this whole movie was all from the mind of a 9 year old girl. If you look at it from a kid’s mind it’s even more enjoyable. I understand why some would hae problems with it. It does tend to jump all over the place Nice post

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