The World’s End


Thanks to Midnites 4 Maniacs for putting on an advanced Bay Area screening of this movie, which can be read about here.

Not to be confused with This is the EndThe World’s End is the latest and final offering from Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg, in their series of genre-busting movies that deal with responsibility against the odds. Shaun of the Dead, a zombie apocalypse horror, and Hot Fuzz, an action flick set in rural England, are now actual entries into their genres, rather than being considered ‘just parody movies’. And they are really f*****g funny. Which doesn’t stop in The World’s End.

Gary King (Pegg), and his four mates (Frost, Considine, Freeman and Marsan), reunite for a pub crawl of binge-drinking, epic proportions, but suddenly find themselves at the centre of something that proves out of this world.

And that’s all you’re getting. I am not going to ruin this movie for anyone. I am honestly still smiling (the screening was on Monday) because The World’s End was absolutely hilarious. Pegg and Wright have managed to sign off their trilogy, which is linked in thematics and tone rather than characters, in such style. The characters are wonderfully drawn, entirely believable and deliver some of the most immature yet serious lines in recent cinematic memory. It is evident that the actors are having a blast on set, which bleeds into their lines, and even though the tone is so similar to the previous two movies, it works so well. Paddy Considine perfect as the stoney-faced friend, Frost and Freeman nail their characters, and Marsan is in an unfamiliar, nice guy role; Wright mentioned he wrote Eddy a friendly character because, at a Q+A in Toronto when Marsan was promoting Tyrannosaur, he said he has never had consensual sex on camera.

Thematically, this movie deals with nostalgia and how hard it is to accept change. It deals with letting go of the past and moving on, which is embodied with consummate ease by Pegg in his character Gary King. Wright himself said that the movie also presents a reality of how things, such as the English high street, are being replaced by branded familiarity; the Starbucks effect. It owes a debt to Monty Python towards the end as things get unfathomably incongruous, and it ends up in places that aren’t telegraphed as things are in Shaun of the Dead.

The cinematographer who worked on this movie also worked on Scott Pilgrim, so the colours are rich and lighting is perfect for the genre. We have shots of pub fights that aren’t epileptic as in Hot Fuzz, but are choreographed to the bone; the camera lingers as the proverbial shit hits the fan in the second act. Once again, the music choice is perfect, but that does not come as a surprise as Wright knows how to formulate aural tone as well as visual.

The World’s End, being such a huge fan of Wright’s movies, is the perfect film for me. I got all nostalgic for my youth, as well as my local pub and a pint of cold amber. I laughed from the very first second until about five minutes ago, and every time I think about it I wish I was back in the screening. It doesn’t come out until 23rd August in the States, and I can assure you I will be first in line. And then when I get back to the UK in September I am going to watch it again.

See this movie.


13 thoughts on “The World’s End

    1. Mate, it’s literally incredible. There is a slight downtime around 20 mins, but it adds to the story so you’re in for a treat! Amazing. The trilogy is a 10/10 for me.

  1. Nice write up and glad to hear you loved it. I can’t say I enjoyed it quite as much as you, however. I thought a lot of the jokes missed their mark (for me anyway) and I just didn’t laugh as much as I thought I would. Maybe my expectations were a little high. I still had a lot of fun with it though and I thought the characters had a lot more to them than the other two films in the trilogy.

    1. I think part of the reason I enjoyed it so much was also down to the fact I had just sat through 4 hours of the first two movies and was in full Wright mode. There was a point of 20 mins just after the first scenes that I felt it was a bit….flat…but I put that down to the fact it hit 11 soon after. I am definitely going to buy a ticket to watch it again, here and when I return to the UK.

  2. I really hope this gets released in mexico otherwise it’s going to be forever until i get to see it. Loved Shaun and Hot Fuzz, high hopes for this!

  3. Awesome! I very much look forward to this thanks to this great, enthusiastic review. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are the shit

  4. Great review. 🙂 I just reviewed this too (as well as Shaun which I’d seen & Hot Fuzz which I watched immediately after World’s End). Glad you enjoyed this so much! It’s getting very mixed reviews from people. :-/ I enjoyed it, though.

    1. Balls. I replied to your other comment twice before seeing this one! Whoopsie.

      Yeah, I loved the movie! Totally don’t understand the mixed feelings, but to each their own, I’m not gonna look down on anyone! I’ll check out your review!

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