140 Words: Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows, the latest offering from Tim Burton and his favourite leading man, Johnny Depp, is a re-imagining of the cult 60’s American Gothic TV programme of the same name.

On the surface Dark Shadows has all the trimmings of a Burton classic. Costumes, set and overall mise-en-scene are typically Burtonesque – engaging, engulfing and drowning you in Gothicism, however Depp, as the ‘loveable’ vampire Barnabas Collins, instead of acting as the film’s linchpin, fails to ever get out of first gear, endear the audience to him or be original enough to intrigue. Dare I say it, he was slightly irritating.

Mildly entertaining but also mildly boring, Dark Shadows needed more gore, a stronger character arc for Depp and less pointless scenery chewing. We’ve seen better from both Burton and Depp in the past which makes this an underwhelming and disappointing watch.


2 thoughts on “140 Words: Dark Shadows

  1. As a general rule, I detest Burton and his films. I gave this one a shot because it had other actors besides just Johnny Depp and I hated it. Couldn’t even finish it.

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