140 words: A Field in England


A group of deserters fleeing the English civil war embark on a mission that leads them into the darkest corners of their own paranoia.

As a Wheatley fan, I was really looking forward to him returning to serious horror, and equally excited about the prospect of a black and white mushroom-induced, psychosis-fest. Unfortunately, as beautiful as this movie was (and we are talking stunning, visually), the story verges on unnavigable, which I found a stumbling block to my own enjoyment.

The characters rarely offer anything by way of motive, which I can see has been done on purpose. Much like Berbarian Sound Studio, this is a director making art rather than a conventional movie. I’d only recommend A Field in England to photographers/cinematography buffs and avant garde fans, because this is niche cinema at its most bizarre.


2 thoughts on “140 words: A Field in England

    1. Gotta be honest and say I was super disappointed. I still think Wheatley is one of the most exciting directors in the genre and will definitely check out his next work!

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