[Meta] What is it about film that speaks to you?


It’s no secret that if you are reading this you probably have an unhealthy relationship with film. We are all part of a thriving online community, and while we have our day-to-day lives, we go to work, socialise and have other responsibilities (families and children), I’m sure that if you were asked “when are you most happy?”, a lot of your answers would be something along the lines of “when I’m watching a movie (alone/with my girlfriend/wife/mates/kids)”.

I went for dinner with my parents recently and my mother asked me what it was about horror movies that spoke to me. On the surface it may be my grandfather’s fault; letting me watch 18-rated scary movies at the tender age of 4 undoubtedly released so many chemicals into my young brain that I am still searching for that same feeling of fear and excitement. However, I think there is something more than that, and it stretches to movies as an art form.

Other than music and possibly books, I’d posit the idea that watching a film is the most emotionally-engaging art form we can enjoy as mere mortals. If a film is made right it can make you feel distraught, ecstatic, tickled pink, horny or terrified, and those are just the decent ones. We all have ‘that film’, or if we are lucky, ‘those films’; the movies you revisit year after year that make you feel the same emotions you felt the very first time you watched them at the cinema, on VHS, DVD or online. Personally, I have movies that I adore (some of them are here), and I think the main reason I will feel moved enough by a film to spend my free time writing about it online is if it is adventurous with the style, or if the story feels new or relevant to me. Movies that play with genre also really do it for me; Cabin in the Woods is a fantastic example from recent times!

So what do you look for in a film? Or better still, what aspects of movies make your jaw drop, are unforgettable, or have changed the way you view not just movies, but the world in general? What is it about film that speaks to you?


10 thoughts on “[Meta] What is it about film that speaks to you?

  1. Nice question. It’s quicker than reading a book. It’s an art form that’s fun to analyze and share with others who are like minded. It’s the escape from life. Films affect me. That’s why I can’t watch horror movies any more because they literally made me afraid of my own shadow. I can’t watch ultra depressing films back-to-back because the residue lingers and the story haunts me.

    1. I 100% agree with you saying that it’s fun to share aand analyse with like-minded people; me and Lauren (who both do this site) often spend hours after a cinema visit sitting in the pub talking about films! It’s a fantastic escape from reality sometimes, especially movies like Inception!

  2. I just like films that let me escape for a couple of hours. They let me block out everything else completely and I’m engrossed in some people’s lives for a while, whether they’re sad, happy, in danger or whatever. I’m not the biggest fan of horror films, although done right I do like them. I love comedy although it’s becoming rarer and rarer that films are making me laugh. I guess there’s nothing in particular I look for in a film, I only know if I’ve really connected with a film after I’ve watched it.

    1. And how special is it when you realise you have been effected by a movie. The first time I saw The Apartment, wow. It was made in 1960 but the romance was realistic and the comedy was great, and that is a rom-com that will never be bettered IMO. I agree great comedies are becoming rarer. I’d recommend In The Loop and Kenny; both of those make me laugh even after repeated viewings.

  3. Enjoyed reading this.Tricky (but good) question. For me it’s the imagination of films, to be completely taken away from reality, and the ability they have to change moods and subtly plant ideas or thoughts in our heads.

    1. Totally agree with your sentiments. There really are few things more rewarding than being challenged by a film, even if it puts you in a horrible mood; Antichrist did that to me. It makes you think! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  4. I want an experience that affects me on an emotional level. I don’t need things to be completely grounded in reality but I expect real emotions at least.

    1. I think that’s what sums up how great an art form we have. When you have a film like Toy Story 3, which is actually just terabytes of computer information, connecting you with your emotions more than some live action movies, you know how rich and fulfilling the medium is.

      1. I agree… although I really didn’t get the hype around Toy Story 3 at all. I know it’s weird.

      2. As someone that used to be a young boy and has had to donate his childhood toys, it hit me right in the feels. [Insert preferred animated movie that made you feel more than live action!]

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