10 iconic wedding movies and scenes

This may appear a weird list when considering what we usually post here on FrameRates, so here is some context: Lauren, my FrameRates buddy, is getting married on tomorrow! *cue cheers*. She’s currently getting the kilts ready and making the final preparations, so I have put together a special list!

So, to celebrate, here are 10 movies with marriages as a plot device or a key scene!

1) The Graduate


When you get referenced in a movie, regardless of how shitty the movie is, you know you are relevant and well-known enough to the cinematic lexicon. Wayne’s World 2, the above average sequel to Wayne’s World, contains a scene that directly references the end of The Graduate. There are so many scenes in this certified classic that have gone down in history, and none more so than Ben (Hoffman) hammering on a window above a congregation during his love’s wedding to another man. Part of the Hollywood New Wave era, The Graduate is a standout example of how to construct a story with great characters, a solid script, as well as technical adventurousness.

2) Romeo and Juliet

Oh, Leo, how lovely it is to see you grow into the actor you are now. The child star that scowled his way through such early 90s movie like This Boy’s Life and The Basketball Diaries, really hit the dizzy heights of Hollywood stardom when he trod the boards as Romeo in Lurhman’s Romeo and Juliet. Lurhman transported the Shakespeare classic into modern day America, and while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s a solid enough reimagining, complete with contemporary music and a colour palette that would make Pixar squint.

3) Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers
I’m not a comedy snob but I find it quite difficult to like Vince Vaughn. It’s to his testament that he nails it in Wedding Crashers, an interesting take on the ‘buddy movie’ we have all become so comfortable watching. Fast-talking Vaughn and Owen Wilson play a pair of ballsy business partners that spend their summer vacations crashing weddings and boning bridesmaids. That is until they crash a lavish wedding, during which they fall for two women who are their equal match. It sounds like your average Hollywood snorefest, but this is a decent movie with a lot of laughs!

4) Four Weddings and a Funeral


“Is it raining? I hadn’t noticed.”

CRINGE AT THE TERRIBLE ACTING! Putting that single-worst line of delivered dialogue in cinema history aside, Four Weddings and Funeral stands up as Richard Curtis’ best work to date. Complete with a bumbling Hugh Grant, a rainy London and some clever laughs, this is probably the seminal movie about weddings in recent times, if not ever. It was, however, responsible for the Marty Pellow/Wet Wet Wet song, Love is All Around Me; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQQ6SfPZggw. I used to sing ‘I roll them in my fingers, I roll them in my toes, bogeys all around me, I got them from my nose.’ 7 year old me was such a funny guy.

5) The Hangover


I want you to take a long, hard look at yourself, The Hangover, and report back when you can admit your mistakes. I won’t regale you with Stag Do stories about Lauren’s groom-to-be, however his tooth has been fixed now and Latvia has just about recovered.

6) The Wedding Singer


The second-least annoying Sandler role after Punch Drunk Love, The Wedding Singer tells the story of Robbie and Julia, a singer and waitress engaged to the wrong partners, that eventually find out each others’ love for the other. This was the first movie I saw on my own at the cinema, which may sound lame, but I was only 11 so fuck you. I jest, of course. I’d like to reiterate that it is Sandler’s second-least annoying role, which should be reason enough to check it out.

7) Match Point


The last Woody Allen outing that got reviewed on FrameRates was not received well at all. It’s a shame, because when he is on form, Allen can craft a story that will engage the most ADHD among us. Match Point is no exception; set in the opulent world of London’s elite, a marriage between a loving couple gets shaken to its very core with the introduction of a busty, blonde siren. Rhys-Myers plays the bachelor-then-husband that succumbs to the charms of Johansson (who wouldn’t?), and by the time the credits have roled you may be shocked as to where this movie has taken you.

8) Father of the Bride


A remake of a classic always creeps up on our lists, and this is one of them. Father of the Bride is a remake of the 1950 classic about a dad that cannot accept his daughter is a grown woman making her own decisions. While not being Martin’s best role as the titular father, George Banks, he still manages to convey the character as having his daughter’s best interests at heart, in between all the comedic moments that one would expect from a wedding movie. The original is probably more of a classic, but if you’re a Martin fan then this is certainly not his worst work!

9) Downfall


Probably the most infamous wedding in modern history. Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun got married while holed up under the streets of the Reichstag, Berlin, 1945, just days before committing suicide together. Downfall (or Der Untergang in German), tells the story of the last weeks of Hitler’s life. Critics of the movie have stated it paints too human a portrait of the dictator, and while this could be substantiated, it doesn’t detract from how good this movie actually is. You’ve probably all seen the parody videos of Hitler’s rant, however, when in the context of the movie, that scene is Hitler coming to terms with the fact his Reich is coming to an end.

10) Sideways


I’ve never been middle-aged. That said, if I get to a certain vintage and am still not married, I’d like to take a week off before my wedding to eat fine food and drink fine wine. Sideways is a smart, slow but hilarious movie that is as much about food and wine as it is about getting older, feeling young and friendship at all costs. 22 year old me loved this film, and while at that age I had nothing in common with any of the characters, who doesn’t love a movie about booze?

Do any of you have any you’d add to the list?

Also, congratulations, Lauren (and James!)! You guys rock 😀


16 thoughts on “10 iconic wedding movies and scenes

    1. *Hangs head at the fact he hasn’t seen it*

      THE SHAME, THE SHAME I TELL YOU! This is coming from someone that only saw The Goonies in 2006. I was a Legend/Ghostbusters kid.

      1. LOL – I was a Star Trek / Doctor Who / Logan’s Run kid.

        This is a must see. It’s a true classic. I mean it.

        P.S. I’ve never seen The Goonies and I just watched Back to the Future for the first time a couple of months ago.

      2. Logan’s Run…awesome! I will check out The Princess Bride for sure. It looks really good from what I have seen on t’internet.

        Oh dude, The Goonies is fucking excellent. I think I’ve watched it every year since 2006 to be honest.

      3. OMG! You have GOT to see The Princess Bride. Like… NOW. No, seriously. I mean it. One of the best movies ever! My life wouldn’t be complete without it. 😉

    1. I knew someone would bring it up! It was either The Godfather or Sideways, and I know it’s like the best film ever, but I think I prefer Sideways over The Godfather! Lets call it an honourary mention 😀

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