140 words: The Pact


140 word reviews are normally saved for impromptu flicks that we like or films that we feel fall short of the mark. The Pact unfortunately falls into the latter category.

Beautifully shot, the movie looks absolutely stunning. However, that’s not enough to carry the mediocre acting, pretentious tone, and final act that could have been half an hour shorter had the lead character been written as a person with more than 4 cells in her brain. Slow movies are sometimes the most satisfying, especially if there is a good climax. The Pact almost grinds to a halt in the middle and offers little resolution to the story.

Plodding, boring, contrived and just immensely frustrating, the ambition and technical talent is clearly there but unfortunately it fails somewhat. If you want smart horror, avoid The Pact and watch Lake Mungo or Martyrs.


3 thoughts on “140 words: The Pact

  1. Lake Mungo and Martyrs are both great. As for this one, I’ve seen it on Netflix several times and almost watched it. I still might when I have nothing better to do, but at least I’ll have tempered enthusiasm.

    1. You may enjoy it more if you go in with lowered expectations. That said, those expectations won’t help with the absolutely terrible decisions made by the protagonist in the final act!

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