140 Words: Safety not Guaranteed


Written by Derek Connolly and directed by Colin Trevorrow, Safety not Guaranteed is a comedy about Kenneth, a hopeless romantic and optimist, who catches the attention of a magazine journalist when he places a personal ad searching for a partner to travel back in time with.

Safety Not Guaranteed  had all the components of a sweet, alternative comedy with non-generic characters and an original narrative; I especially liked the restraint the ending showed, however, the characters never manage to capture the hearts of the audience, resulting in a somewhat cold and empty watch. Aubrey Plaza does well as the melancholic Darius, however this is nothing we haven’t seen before, and the chemistry between her and Mark Duplass, as Kenneth, fails to ever ignite on screen.

Ultimately Safety Not Guaranteed makes a commendable attempt at an original romantic comedy but it lacked any real emotional depth.


5 thoughts on “140 Words: Safety not Guaranteed

  1. I actually couldn’t stand this movie and couldn’t believe we were sitting through it. And then the end came and I loved it! It doesn’t make up for the rest of the thing, but the last five or six minutes were beautiful : )

  2. Good review. I didn’t love this like everybody did, but I enjoyed both Plaza and Duplass’ chemistry together, as odd as it may have been.

    1. Lauren reviewed this one but I actually saw it as well and agree with her. I thought it was quite flat! Their chemistry may have been quirky enough to be different to your average Hollywood rom-com, but it didn’t seem natural to me. I guess that works with the ending though… In it’s credit, it is an extremely well-made Indie flick.

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