140 words: Stake Land


Zombieland meets 10 years of class A drug abuse and depression in Stake Land.

Excellently shot and competently directed, this post-apocalyptic vampire horror presents complex characters, soul-destroying narrative twists and turns, and a team of anti-heroes in a world of lost souls.

The slow pace of this low budget fare delivers tension that eats away at you as you watch on. It’s very violent and gory, and I was absolutely gripped within the first 7 minutes. This movie isn’t for the faint of heart and mind though; it is so unbelievably depressing, it becomes quite difficult to watch, as all hope seems to dwindle for our characters.

Stake Land is troubling, and think I would watch it again, but not for a long time and only if I was in an extremely happy place.


5 thoughts on “140 words: Stake Land

  1. I would like to watch this on my laptop whilst eating my favourite meal at Steakland.

    Okay, that was a very poor joke. Blame Jack Daniels, not me.

    I haven’t heard of this one. I love low-budget indies and I love vamp movies, so it’s going on my Watch List.

    Thank you for sharing!!

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