140 Words: Detachment

Adrien Brody as Mr Barthes

Written by Carl Lund and directed by Tony Kaye, Detachment tells the story of Mr Barthes, a substitute teacher within a struggling inner city school.

This film is an absolute gem. The narrative was unpredictable, characters solid and the dialogue had a poetry and pathos that flowed beautifully within the heavily-stylised approach to the direction and cinematography. At times the film felt more like an art installation than a movie, with the scrapbook filming style complimenting the setting and mimicking the creativity of the down-trodden Meredith.

There were times when the film almost veered into overindulgent, however the perfectly-pitched, moving performances from Brody, Liu and Gayle kept the film grounded and poignant. Overall a refreshingly honest look at the education system that packed a heavy emotional punch.


3 thoughts on “140 Words: Detachment

  1. Concisely put. I just reviewed this one myself recently. Good movie but it veered into melodrama towards the end. Other than that, though, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Brody was immense in it.

    1. It’s nice seeing Brody doing a Pianist-esque performance and not a Splice-esque performance. Because Splice was…well, yeah. The less said the better.

  2. Tony Kaye is an interesting guy. He had no end of trouble with Edward Norton attempting to take control of American History X – or so I’ve heard.

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