The ABCs of Death


So, The ABCs of Death, what an ambitious project this proved to be. It wasn’t an out-and-out success per sé, however there were some segments in this 26 short film anthology that showed there are some exciting directors out there in the horror genre; talents that include Adam Wingard, Ben Wheatley and the director of A Serbian Film. I won’t go into specifics or spoilers for each segment, but what I will do is give you a few short words that will highlight how I felt about the individual shorts.

A – Smart, excellent payoff.

B – ‘Nightmare’. Bait and switch.

C – Unoriginal. Student film.

D – Stunning. The best-looking segment by far.

E – Lame CGI and decades old story.

F – Fuck you, director, you hack.

G – God-awful.

H – Doesn’t fit in this anthology.

I – Statement about something.

J – Better than the other Japanese ones. That’s not hard though.

K – Killer shit. Just, no…

L – Sick, sick bastards.

M – Not applicable. There is literally nothing to see here. FAIL.

N – Funny bird.

O – Avant garde, Giallo-inspired. Breasts.

P – Pussy. Welp.

Q – Self aware.

R – WTF in a really gory, good way.

S – Robert Rodriguez? Twist.

T – Brilliant claymation.

U – Gritted teeth.

V – Balls-out insanity. And dollars, dollars everywhere.

W – Acid trip.

X – This is what I came to see (through my fingers).

Y – Even Rocky had a montage.

Z – Enough with the dicks and boobs for Christ sake.

There is no narrative that links these movies together so you may get to the end and feel really unsatisfied, especially as the last segment is absolutely fucking terrible. However, A, D, L, maybe N, Q, R, S, T, U, V, X and, to an extent, Y are good enough to hold this movie together. The ABCs of Death was adventurous enough to warrant a (better, please) sequel, just don’t give any of the budget to F, G, M or Z.



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19 replies

  1. Perfect!!

    F is for Fart – that was so fucking weird….!!! And what the fuck was Gravity even about???

    • It’s really hard to spot, but at the beginning he puts weights in his bag…(to be as ambiguous as possible…). Then, it happens. But man, that was joint worst with M and F. I cannot believe M was directed by Ti West. What a bastard.

      • That was pretty gnarly… and I like almost all of his shit.

        BTW – if you ever want to see some boobs, I run another site called where there’s tons of them BUT!! NSFW!!!

      • I will have to check that out when I am out of the office. It must be insane curating two sites?!

      • I don’t update the other one very often – maybe once a week.

        There’s another joint one that I run with film hipster called

        technically it’s also probably NSFW but there’s no nudity… movie and TV spoofs : )

        Check it out!

      • Ah nice! That’s awesome 🙂 We will take a gander!

        Cheers mate

  2. I wonder how this works without a on overall narrative?

    • It kind of doesn’t… The tie-in between each short film is ‘death’, and while each director creates something different, there is that as a [tenuous] link. However, it’s an ambitious project, and short films are great when they work. I’d say half of it is passable-to-amazing. The other half is shit-to-absolutely-fecking-awful.. It’s a game of two halves.

      • death links everything so if that is the only link it uses that is very tenuous indeed. I do like chronicle stories so may check it out but VHS2 comes first on my watchlist!

      • Oh VHS2 is literally the top of my film list right now. Probably more so than The World’s End by Edgar Wright!

  3. Finally watched this, it’s on Netflix. It was quite bizarre at points in both good and bad ways. I was surprised at the amount of toilet humor:0 Overall, I’m glad I watched it and want to look-up more of certain directors works!


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