Wonderful Wednesday: some brief admin


Firstly, we (read: I, sorry Lauren) need to apologise for accidentally publishing two articles this morning! I was trying to schedule them for later in the week from the WordPress app and it all went Peter Tong. So, if you try and access our ’10 things’ and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs articles published earlier than this post you will hit a 404!


Secondly, we’re on both Vine (search Frame Rates on your iPhone and Android) and Instagram as of this morning! We won’t post pictures of our food, and it will mostly be relevant to the cinematic medium. Our first Vine is shows the life of a Keyframe in After Effects!

Finally, June could well be a bit choppy with content; Lauren is getting married (yay!) and I am going to Barcelona and Zurich for some sun and cerveza, however we will get some reviews written beforehand and hopefully schedule them properly this time!

Cheers, all! Lookout for our ’10 things’ going up – and staying up – later today!


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