140 words: Lake Mungo


Lake Mungo is not just another Australian found footage horror movie.

Alice, 16, disappears while swimming in a local dam. When her body turns up, her family begin their grieving process but discover something sinister lurking in Alice’s past.

Lake Mungo is an amazingly unsettling movie. The slow pacing and the use of grainy digital recordings and photos (we become the detectives) gets increasingly uncomfortable to watch. The compelling twists ground Lake Mungo in reality despite it being a supernatural tragedy, making it entirely believable and more scary. And yes, this movie is genuinely scary. The acting is second to none, with tour de force performances from Alice’s parents, and the Kubrickian camerawork/shot choices and editing style/transitions make it a visual feast for the smart horror fans out there.

Lake Mungo was absolutely excellent. Thanks to The IPC for the recommendation!


5 thoughts on “140 words: Lake Mungo

  1. I never got a note that you put this out!!

    I am so glad you liked this too – it’s so under-seen and under represented!! I like this movie a LOT!

    Without spoiling it – wasn’t it cool what they did over the end credits??????

    1. AMAZING! It was the first movie in years that actually scared me, and even in the end credits…

      I loved how it was all grounded in reality with the various plot nuances, however you always questioned where it was going. The best found footage movie I’ve seen, possibly ever. I LOVED it.

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