Do you review all the films you watch?


We’ve lost count of how many films we’ve watched this year. 2013 is almost half done, and I think a ballpark figure would be over 150 movies between us. Obviously we haven’t written 150 reviews, which got us thinking…

Do you review everything you watch?

Here are just a couple of films that didn’t make the cut for different reasons (mainly time constraints!);

The Divide

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Heart of Darkness

Apocalypse Now

The Boys from Company C

Full Metal Jacket


Ghostbusters 1+2


The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

The Ward


House of the Devil

The Innkeepers

Cockneys vs Zombies

Battle – Los Angeles

Lethal Weapon

From Paris with Love

One Missed Call

Terror at the Opera


The Lookout

Dead Snow

Office Space

Training Day

Due Date

The Cable Guy

Silent House


The Last Exorcism

Night of the Hunter



Tell No One


Ghost Ship

Butterfly on a Wheel

The Big Steal

Elite Squad 1+2

Winter’s Bone


Berbarian Sound Studio

These are just a couple of movies we’ve watched without reviewing. On reflection, I think we are going to have to go back to a few of them and get thoughts down for posterity.

Can you see any in that list that need a review? Livid and The Innkeepers jump out, and Elite Squad 1+2.

What are some of the movies you have seen recently that you haven’t had the time to review?


24 thoughts on “Do you review all the films you watch?

  1. I definitely don’t review everything I watch. Because I’d be churning out 2 reviews a day in some cases and i’m pretty sure that leads to sloppy form. Plus occasionally some just fall between the cracks. Like A Good Day To Die Hard. Saw it three weeks ago. And I’ve struggled to write more than 100, and even that just basically said it was incredibly shit in a complex way.

    1. That’s it as well, the time it takes to craft a review would be less if every film got one. Then what compels you to write about one film and not the other?

      Our review of American Mary is still sitting with 100 words and sporadic notes because I can’t find the right words to describe how awful the script is…

  2. No way could I review every movie I watch! lol. I usually reserve my reviews for films I feel strongly about, whether I really love it, or hate it. I also tend to review more obscure films than mainstream ones that everyone else is reviewing when it’s released.

    1. You make a good point here; the best reviews are the ones that evoke the biggest emotional response from the reviewer, be that one of us or any other cinephile writing about film! It’s a good thing to review the lesser known movies out there, so keep it going!

  3. Hey not every film deserves a 500 or a 1000 word review. The review should be long enough to cover the film’s merits and short-comings. If that is 100 words that is great. Believe me, I hate reading these overly long reviews that belabor the point by an extra 500 words.

    1. I like reading longer posts if they go into some background or socio-politics or something. If a review is 1000 words of spoilers then I usually avoid the post until I’ve seen the film. Little posts are as fun to read as longer posts, and I love reading a loving review as much as a well-written hating review, especially if I enjoyed the movie!

  4. I definitely do not review all the films I watch, even many that I like. I’ve watched The Grey, Oblivion, Abraham Lincoln VK, recently and liked them all but had not reviewed them. If I don’t have something different to say about a film – if someone else reviewed it and did a really good job and touched on all the same points I would have, I don’t review it.

    I do however, review films I do not like because… I think it’s a service to others to point out how dull, bland, bad, they are. Even if I don’t tell the whole story/plot of the movie it’s important to just point out that it is …dull, bland, and bad! So, I’m fine with putting up 100 word (or less) reviews – I’ll usually group a bunch together.

    1. Little bitesize reviews are sometimes the hardest to write! We like your grouping reviews actually. From my experience they are the best ones to get you out of a bout of writer’s block!

      Have you watched any movies, like The Grey, that you regret not reviewing? There are a few in our list that I regret not getting my thoughts down the first time, namely Elite Squad 1 and 2, because I’m not sure second time round I would be able to get down how much I love the movies!

      1. Nah, I think The Grey was awesome – it was other’s reviews that made me watch it. But I think everyone said what I would say so I don’t feel like I missed anything by not reviewing it. Maybe 10 years from now, when the movie is forgotten about, then I’ll review it and say, hey remember this movie? 🙂

  5. The only time I choose not to review movies I watch is if they’re so offensive I can’t think of anything good to say. I’ve skipped reviewing about 20 out of 700 so far.

    1. Thanks for dropping in! Woah, those must have been some terrible movies…care to divulge? The worst film I saw recently was Lords of Salem, but there was enough in the beginning 20 mins for me to feel utterly pissed about where the film ended up. That’s why it ended up on here!

      1. The most recent culprit for me was That’s My Boy. Sometimes, terrible movies are easier to write about than good ones, but sometimes they can be TOO terrible.

  6. I don’t review every film I watch either. For the most part, I try to write about the ones that are interesting, unique, awesome, controversial, or that I think I can dig deeper into and discuss in-depth.

  7. Right now we are a new podcast/blog so we have reviewed everything we have seen in an official capacity. Now if I am sitting at home watching the television and a movie comes on then no I don’t review it. I might suggest to my crew that we do a podcast down the road if I think it was good.

      1. For the Podcast we are usually watching movies that have been around for awhile so I will do research before I watch the movie and depending on the time frame I will watch the movie once or twice and have my notebook handy.

        For Screenings of movies in theaters I usually wait till the end of the movie before I jot things down that I think will be interesting to blog about or mention in our last section of the podcast when we mention what we have seen.

  8. I do normally review every film I watch, primarily because I don’t actually watch that many films, which is odd for a film blog, I know! 🙂 I’m lucky if I watch a film a week, so I do usually review everything, although occasionally one falls through the cracks if I run out of time or can’t think of anything decent to say about it.

  9. One of the benefits (detriments?) of having a niche movie site is that if a movie doesn’t fall into my niche, I don’t even really think about reviewing it.

  10. I don’t… I watch a lot of movies with the wife that don’t really belong on my site – you know – comedies and such…

    1. Indeed! Lauren and I (us here curators) watch a similar yet differing selection of movies, so we manage to have a spread of genre types, however neither of us review everything we see because it would take up almost all of our spare time and lunches!

      That said, it’s a bit sporadic to what we DO review! I think we are gonna have to revisit some movies when we have some time after June/July!

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