140 words; Nightmare on Elm Street (2012)

A Nightmare on Elm Street

“If you die in your dreams, you die for real”. Please, get these kids some Valium.

Another year, another remake. This time it’s the 80s classic, Nightmare on Elm Street; the original, a film about rich, suburban families living in a class bubble. However, any allegory here is lost.

Instead we get the Saw-esque, green-tinted, post-industrial griminess. A slasher movie trope is leering at the female form, however this just takes it to new, lurid levels. It’s horrible and valueless.

The movie is just lazy jump scare after lazy jump scare. We are thrown in the deep end without any character development, and nothing happens throughout. Kids get killed, and by the end I wanted everyone to die, even the ‘final girl’.

Nightmare on Elm Street has extremely high production values, yet it has absolutely zero cinematic value. Avoid.


6 thoughts on “140 words; Nightmare on Elm Street (2012)

  1. Nice!

    This didn’t bother me very much but I’ve never been a big fan of the series in general…. plus, it had Clancy Brown who is one of my favorites : )

  2. Horrible, useless, pointless, remake. Let’s face it, Englund is the face of Freddie Kruger, now and forever – just like Pinnick is the face of Pinhead in Hellraiser. You can’t get another actor to play the part and convince horror fans. It seems Hollywood is taking many supernatural style films and forcing a slasher style filmmaking over them. It doesn’t work – you need mood, suspense, atmosphere, multi level plots, depth, etc.

    1. I think slasher movies, or a lot of the tropes in them, are done. We have moved on a lot from patriarchal conservatism, so it’s not relevant anymore. This movie was just killing teenagers with no social commentary, which I’m not pinning for as such, but that’s literally all it is, which to me is pointless.

  3. the original was probably good for a remake, even though it was exceptional already. perhaps this shouldn’t be the way, but I watched all the Freddies growing up. They made me the well rounded person I am today 😉 This remake I never watched, it looks garbage – shame really because there is a lot of creative scope in dreamscapes.

    1. Haha, I actually had a recurring nightmare when I was about 3-5yo that had Freddy in it. I can tell you exactly what happened to this day, but have turned out alright!

      Anyway, this remake, as I said, holds no merit for me at all. I’m not a remake hater, because if you do something new and exciting then awesome, but this is just terrible.

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