10 childhood VHS tapes that got worn out from repeated viewings

Ah the humble VHS how you are gone but not forgotten. In a time before Itunes, torrents and the cocky DVD all we had to rely on against the mundane predictability of terrestrial TV was our trusty video cabinet. Harking back to a simpler time, here’s our stroll down memory lane with a look at some of the video’s we kept on coming back to as wee children.

1) Ghostbusters 2: IH





The dialogue in this movie is superb. The acting is bang on. The special effects are still great. I watched it again at the beginning of this week and it still makes me laugh out loud. There are also a few decent scares. If you haven’t seen this movie, where have you been and what is your problem?

2) The Mask: LJ


The film that made Jim Carrey’s name in Hollywood was a staple of any child’s video collection. The film is bizarre, sexy, funny, exciting and as a kid I bloody loved it. Also the special effects in this film are mind blowing. How they got Cameron Diaz’s boobs to look that big is still a mystery to me.

3) Labyrinth: IH

Ain’t got no problem…

‘You remind me of the babe.’

And that’s all I’d need to say to you to kick off what is, arguably, the best back-and-forth between a Goblin and his minions in cinema history. Jim Henson lit up my childhood with this movie; it’s complete with awesome puppets, catchy music and a really fantastical story, and for that I am truly grateful.

4) Peter Pan: LJ


A Disney classic and a firm favourite of mine as a youngster. Peter Pan has been re-spun in many forms over the years, but this 1953 Disney animation has an air of nostalgia, character and beauty that is hard to beat.

5) Beetlejuice: IH


My pursuit to be scared shitless started early, and my love of Beetlejuice is evidence of that. Tim Burton’s most original work was one of my absolute favourites from a very young age. It all gets very weird very quickly, and the final marriage scene has one of the oddest uses of the Banana Boat Song I’ve ever seen.


6) Annie: LJ


The 1982 adaptation of the Broadway hit Annie was a hugely loved in my household. Despite criticism at the time that the movie did an injustice to the original stage production, as a child, and blossoming musical fanatic, Annie had it all. The songs were catchy, sets impressive and ending satisfyingly schmaltzy.

7) Aladdin: IH


Is Aladdin the best Disney film ever? I’m sure both of us would argue for and against this statement, but it was certainly the best Disney film featuring a flying carpet. Regardless, it’s still a firm favourite, and I even perfected Abu’s voice as a tribute.

8) Look Who’s Talking: LJ


Bruce Willis as baby. What’s not to like? With Kirstie Alley, John Travolta and lots of singing sperm, Look Who’s Talking had charm in abundance. As well as a banging 80’s soundtrack, genuinely sweet love story, oh and did I mention Bruce Willis as a baby? This film rules. We’ll pretend the third film with the talking dogs never happened..

9) Legend: IH


Legend is one of my go-to movies if I want that nostalgic feeling, and probably more so than any of my choices on this list. Directed by Ridley Scott, Legend is an adult kids film, much like a lot of films from the period. They really do not make them like this anymore. What do kids nowadays have…Jack The Giant Slayer? It’s doesn’t have a patch on Legend.

10) Star Wars: LJ


Too young to have seen the Star Wars films first time around I remember going to get them in the cinema when they were re-released and then subsequently getting the wonderful gold and silver VHS box set one Christmas. I don’t need to remind anyone just how good these films are but they are SO damn good. Cult classics and some of the best characters ever created on film.

So, here are our 10 (5 each) movies. What movies did you wear out as a kid? Saturdays are never going to be as good as they were when you were 5. All day VHS sessions seem a millennium ago…


8 thoughts on “10 childhood VHS tapes that got worn out from repeated viewings

    1. Thanks for checking it out! Do you think Beetlejuice is too scary for a 5 year old? I’d probably attribute my love of horror to watching movies like that when I was a kid.

      1. Depends of the child, my oldest daughter loved the dark imagery and all those cuter horror movies, (Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, James and the Giant Peach, Ghostbusters) since she was age 5 or 6. My youngest one had no liking for them. She is just starting to like a little bit of horror (she’s 14 now) but still not too much.

      2. It was similar with my brother and I; I’ve been a horror hound since I was really young (the kids movies with scare, mind), but the scariest thing he said he’s ever seen was Brendan Fraiser’s The Mummy… He’s 18 now.

  1. Can honestly say all the above VHS’s were well worn throughout my youth! Throw in Moonwalker (had to learn the Smooth Criminal dance right??! …. no just me then) and Land Before Time ( I’ll be with you. Even if you can’t see me = Crying like a baby EVERY TIME) and it’s my childhood in a highly flammable pile of B-E-A-U-tiful memories. Stellar work FR 😀

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