The Collection


The Collector, a Saw-inspired, ‘torture porn’ outing set in a booby-trapped house, was a movie so ghastly it teetered very near to tasteless, but was strangely satisfying and achieved its ultimate goal of being repulsive yet watchable. We saw a masked killer that has no motive to his actions; gore; traps; and plenty of that radioactive green lighting that made everything look like an outtake from fetish porn.

The Collection, the sequel to The Collector, cost more than twice the original, looked twice as good production value-wise, had twice as much gore, but was twice as boring and was a complete waste of time. It didn’t even annoy me that I watched the movie, I just felt really indifferent when the credits rolled.

Right from the beginning of the movie it was obvious The Collection was going to be an unsatisfying cinematic experience. The lighting setups were obnoxious, the dialogue was clunky, replete with cliches and the acting was weak, and some of the character development was linear to the point of non-existent/pointless. The first gory set piece is so unbelievable and stupid it will make even the weakest of stomach laugh with insincerity, which means the scene does not work. Also, it was never scary and even the jump scares were half-arsed and obvious.

In many ways, the tone of this sequel is like the follow up to AlienAliens. Everything is louder and more crass. We have a team of wise-cracking knuckle-heads with semi-automatic rifles galavanting around an abandoned hotel looking for a kidknapped girl. Their guide is the one guy that survived the horror of the original film, and they all have to avoid the immensely contrived traps that pepper the hotel. There are no laughs, no scares, a few cool set pieces and editing choices, yet some questionable character choices (read: why does no one fight back in these movies?).

The Collection just exists; it’s not bad enough to get angry about, but it’s not good enough to recommend. You’ve seen it all before and done better. All this film does is make me wonder: how does someone have the budget and manpower to build such elaborate contraptions without raising suspicion?


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