Sundance London: A Review

Robert Redford: the mad daddy of Sundance

We’ve officially got a spring in our step today as we sit back and take stock of our very first Sundance experience. Held within the World of Cine (sorry Wittertainment joke again) at London’s O2 Arena in Greenwhich, Sundance London whirled back into town for the second year running to play host to a stunning, original and eclectic programme of independent films from across the world. Kicked off by the founder of Sundance, the main man himself, Robert Redford, on Thursday evening, Sundance London has been premiering independent films for the past four days. As first time festival goers we were unsure what to expect, but after seeing two documentaries over the weekend, including Q&A’s with both directors, I think it’s safe to say we’re hooked.

Sundance and independent film festivals in general, are the antidote for anyone sick of cynical film making. Anyone jaded or fatigued by the generic output of the  Hollywood machine, Sundance London is the cure. Sundance opens cinema up to all with individual film tickets available at reasonable prices, or a bumper access-all-films pass for the humble, movie-mad public. The festival itself is becoming synonymous with integrity and its easy to see why; the live tweets during the main events are teaching film to people that didn’t even get tickets. The friendly ushers and staff honoured the spirit of the festival really well and we were never made to feel unwelcome or like we couldn’t get help. We have reviews for the films we saw coming later on today, both of which were interesting and original in their own respects. If anyone is in London when Sundance in on next year, we both highly recommend attending!

Next year we are definitely going for the whole festival!


2 thoughts on “Sundance London: A Review

    1. Thanks! It was absolutely awesome. The O2 is a great venue as well; lots of people there for other events and bars so the place was buzzing. Definitely gonna make it down next year, if they are having it again, which one can assume they will!

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