10 really bad ‘bad guys (and girls)’

Iron Man 3 came out in the UK this week. In honour of Robert Downey Jr’s arse-kicking, mega hero, here is a list of ten bad guys and girls that we think rightfully belong on cinema history’s rubbish [garbage] heap.

10) Jurassic Park: Dennis Nedry

I’m not sure about you lot, but I think I hate this guy more than any villian in any film ever. If there weren’t dinosaurs roaming around killing everyone I’m pretty sure Richard Attenborough could have caught up with this diabetic bastard and taught him a lesson or two.

You are lying if you say you wouldn't punch this guy.
You are lying if you say you wouldn’t punch his smug face.

9) Super Mario Bros: King Koopa

Split-tongued, rubbish hair, looks nothing like anything in any Mario game ever. Dennis Hopper said yes to some questionable roles, none more so than his turn in the WORST video game adaptation in history. Doom, you can stop holding your breath.


8) Snakes on a Plane: snakes



7) 3 Ninjas – High Noon at Mega Mountain: Medusa

I don't see no motherf*ckin' snakes in her motherf*ckin' hair...
I don’t see no motherf*ckin’ snakes in her motherf*ckin’ hair…

Saw this movie back in ’98 on a pirated VHS (remember those?). Colt, Rocky, Tum Tum and a washed-out Hulk Hogan have to battle the big-breasted blonde siren, Medusa. It’s not like the 2 movies that preceded High Noon at Mega Mountain were Oscar-worthy, but this, and she, was truly awful.

6) This guy

5) Birdemic: the birds

Watch this film. It’s the funniest thing we’ve seen since Grabbers, which was actually supposed to be funny. The birds, rather than looking like epic vessels of apocalyptic destruction, appear to be GIFs of parrots cut-and-pasted over the live action. We are currently doing a post for Disaster Movies, but if you get the chance the full movie is on Youtube.

4) Batman and Robin: Mr Freeze


If you had told me way back in 1997 that Arnold Schwarzenegger, a man more wooden than a piece of wood having a particularly woody day, would go on to become the Governor of California (yes this actually happened people) then I would have told you to lay off the meth and take a time out. Mr Freeze is by far the worst of all Batman villains, saying some of the worst dialogue you’ll ever hear in a Batman film.

3) Star Wars The Phantom Menace: Darth Maul


Everything about this character was unbelievably annoying. His face looked like inside of a gone off watermelon, which may have been scary if it didn’t look like the prosthetics had been stuck on with chewing gum and the make-up done by someone at a local fair. Give me a fat, slimy, slug looking creature over this poor excuse for a Star Wars villain any day..

2) Harry Potter Series: Draco Malfoy and his merry band of arseholes


He has the looks of Aaron Carter, the smugness of Piers Morgan and the same amount of threat as a common cold. And just like a cold, there didn’t seem to be any cure for him. He stuck around for seven fucking films, leaching from one film to the next, getting more and more bloody annoying as the series developed. Turns out he wasn’t really a villain anyway, he was just a massive douche.

1) The Mummy: Benny

Look who's got all the horses!
Look who’s got all the horses!

Goddamn it, this weasel brings nothing to The Mummy apart from a stupid, high-pitched cackle laugh. Wasn’t it enough having Imhotep running around nicking people eyes?

Have we missed anyone? Perhaps that purple thing from Power Rangers? Or the floating head in Crank 2? Who would you have on your top ten?


9 thoughts on “10 really bad ‘bad guys (and girls)’

  1. Haha! Superb article, Bang on with Kooper and Mr Freeze…. however Darth Maul is *SPOILER* ‘was’ a badass! And although trying to find something good about the Phantom Menace is like sifting through a pile of Triceratops dung for a grain of rice …. I think Mauly boy was awesome!

      1. Hahaha! Okay, but all arguments about Mauly boy are ended with with 3 words ‘Double ended frickin Lightsaber’ Hubba Bubba hair do or not!

  2. I thought Benny from The Mummy was freakin’ hilarious! haha

    Oh well, at least we agree on the Birds from Birdemic 😉

    1. Haha, I think I’ve mellowed out with my hatred of Benny with my advancing years, but when I first saw The Mummy I think I cheered when he got all the horses but was on the wrong side of the river.

      Birdemic is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. I think you could shave at least 30 mins off the runtime with some liberal editing. It’s like they left the pre and post roll of each clip in the movie.

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