Broadchurch is simply one of those programmes that got it right. Rarely boring, always emotional and significantly never predictable, it’s proof that TV can be both formidable and powerful in style and substance. The eight part ITV drama written by Chris Chibnall (Camelot and Torchwood), set in the town of Broadchurch, week after week, unravelled the murder of local eleven year old schoolboy Danny Latimer.

Broadchurch, at its heart, was a story of community, family and loss. A strong script, haunting soundtrack and sweeping vista shots meant it was breathtakingly beautiful, genuinely moving and unflinchingly British. Chris Chibnall has succeeded in creating not only characters that jump out the screen at us, but he has made a whole community come alive with incredible authenticity, whilst at the same time, offering an insight into what the aftermath of a tragedy might do to a family and a community. The performances put in by the ensemble cast were respectful of the subject matter, yet emotionally committed enough to breathe real life and gravitas into the story. Olivia Colman repeatedly broke my heart, and along with David Tennant, they unsurprisingly held the whole story together. The chemistry and back-and-forth between the pair anchored the narrative and gave it a lightness and a humour that, at times, kept the drama from swaying too far into the morose or the bleak.

Broadchurch has kept me on the edge of my seat and demonstrates how there is nothing quite like a well-developed, British crime drama; like any successful whodunnit the story veered towards numerous suspects before falling on a real corker of a villain. Broadchurch smacked of nostaligia and delivered on story, suspense, and drama, all of which were executed stunningly. The editing and style felt etherial from the first episode till the last and the climax last night was a fitting end to a fantastic series. The final episode gave as much time, care and attention to the big reveal as it had to the build-up, letting the drama ignite and then settle with the maturity only a well written drama can achieve. Broadchurch was so damn good, I’ll even forgive them the slightly over the top homage to Lord of the Rings, involving a wildly implausible amount of bonfires in the closing scenes of the series.

Bravo ITV. More of the same please.


3 thoughts on “Broadchurch

  1. The best thing about this is it is filmed down the coast from where I live (Poole) and they make the shittiest saeside town in all of Dorset look like a paradise. It almost made we want to go there again…….but not enough

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