I like my Irish sci-fi horror comedy “B-movies” like I like my Guinness: bubbly, dark and only on a rare occasion. The best thing about Guinness is that, when I do take that first-and-only sip of my one-and-only pint of the year, it tastes fucking great, and the same can be said about Grabbers.

Grabbers is pitched perfectly at its audience. It is self-referential in tone, and is stylistically like the great b-movies sci-fi pictures of the 1950s, yet it holds its own among the great horror comedies of the last 30 years. Its constantly winking at the audience, and in a number of key scenes pays homage to some cinematic greats. The parody of country folk vs city dwellers, and the lampooning of the English is done with enough tongue-in-cheek to make it hilarious without being derogatory.

I have got to say that I haven’t laughed so much at a movie in ages. Many people say when you watch a movie on your own you laugh less but I laughed out loud at least a dozen times at Grabbers, which is a lot more than during many of the ‘comedies’ I’ve watched lately. One of the funniest characters is the whiskey-soaked fisherman that discovers the baby monsters around which the film is set. He has some absolutely rib-tickling one-liners that left me howling with delight. Everything ramps up neatly to the crux of the narrative, which is definitely the most stereotypically Irish aspects of the movie, but absolutely one of the funniest. The whole cast are brilliant, there isn’t a single weak performance and everyone has fantastic comedic chemistry.

The production values, even on the CGI monsters, are fantastic, which surprised me, and the film is definitely put together by a crew that love the genres as well as the art of filmmaking itself. The movie is quite an unknown recent release in the UK, and if you see it available through your selected mode of movie viewing then definitely check it out. It is fecking hilarious.


2 thoughts on “Grabbers

  1. I loved this movie. I gave it a pretty glowing review. My wife is Irish and we had a blast watching this. Good write up!

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