10 movies with amazing soundtracks

For one reason or another we’ve both gone into the weekend feeling a little bit under the weather. It is because of this we are reaching for the medium of film, in particular film music, to provide us with well-needed smiles. Here are 10 movies with epic soundtracks!

The Breakfast ClubIf you’ve forgotten about how good this movie is then you need to stop what you are doing right now and find a way to watch it! This classic John Hughes coming of age teen comedy would be nothing without amazing music underscoring the twists and turns in the lives of a bunch of rag-tag adolescents on detention.

Dumb and Dumber

Mary Moon, she’s a vegetarian
Mary Moon, Mary Moon, Mary Moon
Mary Moon will outlive all the septuagenarians
(Mary Moon, Mary Moon, Mary Moon)
Oh she loves me so, she hates to be alone
She don’t eat meat but she sure like the bone

That’s all we have to say on this subject.

The Good, The Bad and the UglyThis list wouldn’t be complete without one Ennio Morricone score, and his most well-known and probably best is the OST from TGTBATU. One of us actually did a bootleg remix of the most famous track, Ecstasy of Gold, which we’ll put up on Twitter later. Here’s the original!

InceptionThere is something about the way Hans Zimmer composes tracks; he has layers of not only instruments and sound, but meaning as well. He’s arguably the best composer in Hollywood at the moment, and is definitely an auteur of sound. The OST of Inception (it could have been True Romance as well) is so damn good, and nothing captures the emotion of the movie like this track: Time. When the big brass comes in at 3:05, I defy anyone to admit they didn’t get goosebumps.

Requiem for a DreamHaunting. It’s a struggle enough to get through this movie without being pounded by melancholic, big, sombre and haunting tracks. None more so than the iconic theme tune, which has sadly been adopted by many reality TV talent shows. God-damn, TV sucks sometimes. (We aren’t sure why they have used a Sunshine screenshot in this video, but whatever.)

This is Spinal TapWait a second, it’s got a bit depressing all of a sudden. Here is a song about big arses.

Danny BoyleYes, we know that he is a director and not a series of songs set to moving images, but the man is a GENIUS with music. Pick from any of his movies, we don’t care. However, here’s one of his best scenes and track choices.

Aladdin: We had to choose a Disney film, right? Aladdin had it all and it was all hand-drawn. Here’s to the death of animation without a computer (even though the scene when the turret falls down the sand looks composited with a computer).

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking BarrelsWe love a bit of Jungle around these parts.

Human Traffic: We went into why this movie is so great in this post. Spoiler: the music was a huge factor!


We hope you’ve been cheered up if you’re down. It’s been fun going through YouTube and listening to such amazing tracks! Any thoughts? This list is by no means definitive, so what would you add?


5 thoughts on “10 movies with amazing soundtracks

  1. Interesting list. Not seen everything on there so can’t give my thoughts on everything but love your inclusion of Spinal Tap! I would add Drive to that list, it’s an amazing soundtrack. Oh and Into The Wild, too. Eddie Vedder’s soundtrack for that is amazing.

    1. Oh man, Drive! I totally agree with that. Maybe Contagion as well? That was glitchy electro that enhanced the story really well. Contagion was one of the most underrated movies of 2011 I think. Ballsy narrative direction and didn’t hold back the punches.

  2. Sofia Coppola knows a good tune when she hears it – in Lost in Translation, for example – and she has to get a mention for putting Ceremony by New Order into a dizzying, costume ball sequence in Marie Antionette. The dreamy sequence where Aphex Twin is used in Gideon Koppel’s great documentary Sleep Furiously we like. The use of Beirut songs in Bombay Beach and Grizzly Bear in Jack Goes Boating are also worth a mention. American Beauty and Paris, Texas and Morvern Callar all have special soundtracks. We’ll keep thinking about it. It’s important.

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