10 scariest films we’ve ever seen

In honour of the upcoming UK release/forthcoming review of Evil Dead, and before we go to the cinema to shit our pants watch the movie, here are ten films that scared the bejesus out of us.

Martyrs: This movie has been addressed on Framerates before, so we won’t go into it too much. But it was scary insofar as it made us question our very existence, and that is not something anyone wants to do after watching an hour of soul-destroying imagery. We will review it when we can find our souls, which have actually been AWOL since the first viewing.

One Missed Call: Imagine knowing the exact time and date of your death and being able to do nothing about it? It would be pretty scary, right? Now add in some sketchy ghosts and bloody demises and you’ve got yourself a ticket to Stainedpantsville. There’s a bit in an abandoned hospital that had me shriek very loud indeed.


Candyman: My extended family were pretty nonchalant with regards to letting me watch horror movies at a tender age, and this is the first on the list of films I shouldn’t have seen at 5 years old. It’s very trippy horror fare, and there’s something inherently terrifying about looking at yourself in the mirror and repeating an urban legend’s name a number of times. *shudders*

28 Days Later: Oh no, you’ve caught a disease that turns you into a violent, mindless, flesh-munching machine! No, you aren’t Mike Tyson, you’re a zombie in 28 Days Later. The opening of this film is so scary without throwing buckets of blood at the screen. Boyle’s best, in my opinion, and one that will live in the hearts and minds of zombie lovers everywhere. If that’s a thing…

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Believe it or not, Texas Chainsaw (it’s what the cool kids call it) doesn’t show any blood, and the only real violence you see is when Leather Face appears out of his little door and wallops some dude. Nevertheless, the intense dread in this seminal horror movie is so tangible, you may feel as if you’ve run a marathon once the credits roll.

Ringu: Japan knows ghosts, and it was a choice between this and Ju-on, but Ringu wins solely because of the last scene. Obviously Hollywood made a remake, which did have Naomi Watts as the lead and we love her, but was completely unnecessary and nowhere near as scary. If you watch this you’ll never look at a TV in the same way again.

REC: Again, another foreign film that got a less scary remake. Check out the trailer here; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeaUokzE9fI

Nightmare on Elm Street: Second on the list that I saw when I was far too young. I can still remember the reccuring nightmare I used to have thanks to this film. On a recent viewing it wasn’t as scary, but it’s a fantastic movie nonetheless.

You bastard.
You bastard.

Alien: Horror sci-fi done right! Gothic up to the eyeballs, Alien is an amazing feat of genre-merging and has about 8 amazing set pieces. Spawned a number of lesser sequels, and to this day is scaring the old and young in equal measure.

The Exorcist: What’s scarier than a demon? A demon that vomits green shit in your face and sounds like Joan Collins. Probably the best horror movie ever according to Mark Kermode, and he’s like Jesus around here so we’ll have to agree. But seriously, it’s fucking scary.

Do you agree or disagree? Have anything to add? Sound off in the comments!


13 thoughts on “10 scariest films we’ve ever seen

  1. I would have put Ju-on before Ringu as the creaky groaning in Ju-on still leaves my intestines bone dry … plus Ju-on is bit of a homage to the Excorcist in tone plus starcase scene much, which is always a good thing (The good doctor is also somewhat a hero to me too). I would have also put Don’t look now in this list but the primal fear that comes with loosing a child is probably heightend by being a father too… although *SPOILER ALERT* old ladys in macs are always creepy!

    1. Thanks mate. Definitely give Alien a watch if you haven’t! If you don’t like scary stuff avoid Martyrs. Even though its probably the movie on that list that made me think the most, it’s probably the hardest watch ever.

  2. This is a great post!!

    Martyrs…. *shudders*……. I don’t understand how people think that that movie is good… UGH

    It even made my Most Unclean page… I HATE IT!!!

    1. Nooooo! I can see how people would hate it, but I think it’s one of the most insanely ambitious and profound horror movies for many years.

      It’s the bait and switch halfway through that still leaves me aghast!

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