10 amazing screen partnerships


1) Brian and Mike (End of Watch): This movie is so damn good because it feels completely real. Jakey G and Michael P play two utterly believable ‘Brolicemen’ that don’t give a damn about the gang roots of LA’s most dangerous. There are a number of scenes that will make you forget you are watching a movie and question why there are no ad breaks in this latest police documentary. Obviously cinematic licence is taken, as the movie does shift perspective from ‘hand-held footage’ to ‘fly on the wall’, but the story is so compelling you won’t care.

Is this your homework, Larry?

2) Walter and The Dude (The Big Lebowski): It took a five year break and a second viewing for me to fall in love with this movie, and the main reason for this is the relationship between Bridges and Goodman. Whether it is meaningless back-and-forths about bowling, or straight-face trying to scare the bejeezus out of a 15 year old kid, the pair manage to be hilarious, touching, ridiculous and awesome all at the same time.

3) Buzz and Woody (Toy Story): You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Toy Story. As a kid I didn’t wish for my toys to come alive when I wasn’t in the room because my toys were shit, but I wished Buzz and Woody were real. Buzz and Woody are two of the most genuine, believable characters in cinema history, which is odd because their original physical form is just a series of mathematical calculations inside a computer.

4) Bonnie and Clyde/Mickey and Mallory (Bonnie and Clyde/Natural Born Killers): Violence breeding violence, set against true love. Or is it the mutual love of violence that brings them together? Both of these partnerships make you root for the ‘bad guys’, and that’s not always a negative thing.


5) Ferris and Cameron (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off): The ultimate post-modern lead in film history, Ferris Bueller is as much a film about bunking school as it is an advert for everything and nothing during the 80s. Cameron provides the perfect emotional foil to Bueller’s ‘crazy’ antics, which alone are worth watching just for the musical number in downtown Chicago.

6) Thelma and Louise (Thelma and Louise): It’s a buddy road movie with two female leads. Somewhat placed in the ‘all men are arseholes’ camp of feminism, this matters not, as Thelma and Louise prove you don’t to have a penis to travel across the US on a Kerouacian mission to find yourself.


7) Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid (Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid): I just picked up a Paul Newman collection from HMV for £5, which contained The Verdict, The Hustler and this movie. Indexed by one of the most iconic endings in cinematic history, Cassidy and Sundance is almost the male version of Thelma and Louise, where friendship prevails under the most testing circumstances.

8) Harry and Lloyd (Dumb and Dumber): In true Farrelly style, this film has plenty of fart, poop and boob jokes to keep an adolescent male amused. However, there are some truly touching moments, compounded by the friendship of the two main protagonists. There’s not a moment when you aren’t rooting for them! And the music…

9) Wallace and Dave (See No Evil, Hear No Evil): Wilder and Pryor at their best in this comedy of errors. Filmed in the spirit of Mel Brooks, Wallace and Dave, one blind, one deaf, work together to foil the plans of some murderous criminals. It’s a great movie, with Pryor and Wilder on top form. Coincidentally, I share a birthday with Richard Pryor, and Woody Allen! And Pablo Escobar.

10) Don and Cosmo (Singin’ in the Rain): This is the second time Singin’ in the Rain has come up in one of our 10 Things, and rightly so because it is such a wonderful movie. It stars Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor as Don and Cosmo. Their chemistry is electric, their dancing timeless and energetic, and it’s one of those cinematic pairings that will put a smile in your face no matter your mood!


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