10 films with links to weather


The United Kingdom, despite being two days into Spring, is getting battered by snow and heavy rain. It’s like January over here! As we are being bombarded by news about the weather, here are ten films with [tenuous] weather links.

1) Singin’ in the Rain: Make ’em laugh! Kelly and O’Connor are ah-mai-zing in this all-singin’, all-dancin’ homage to the silent era of Hollywood. With the introduction of sound imminent, a production company finds it troublesome transitioning into the ‘talkies’. The iconic scene is Kelly’s dance in the rain, but my favourite is this one.

2) The Weather Man: Nicholas Cage agrees to some stinkers and this, surprisingly, isn’t one of them. Cage delivers a solid performance in this occasionally dark, sometimes funny, mostly cloying drama about a father trying to juggle his work and family life.

3) An Inconvenient Truth: Once hailed as signs of humanity’s progress, oil, coal and gas are now the greatest threat known to man. This is not an eco-horror, this is REAL LIFE! Al Gore returns from his failed presidential race to talk about global warming, the threat of polar ice melting, and a future in which Portsmouth and Southampton are held in the same regard as Atlantis.

4) The Day After Tomorrow: …is Sunday. Jake Gyllenhaal plays eco-Batman in this absolutely ridiculous action thriller about killer ice and library books. Take a look at the killer ice in action.

5) The Perfect Storm: A true story about a crew of sailors that get caught in an inconceivably large storm. Barnstorming (;-)) performances from this ensemble cast deliver a taut, compelling and harrowing account of the [SPOILERS] last days of their lives.

6) Twister: Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt have to insert an advanced weather measuring device into the heart of a number of ridiculously large tornados. Worth watching just for the flying cows, which we are about to show you, so it’s not worth watching at all.

7) Hard Rain: I remember watching this when I was in my early teens and thinking it was awesome because they had guns and swore and stuff. Retrospectively, this film was probably just an experiment to see how wet a production company could get Hollywood A-listers before they quit. With character names like Jim, Tom, Ray, Phil, Hank and Karen, it surprises me Morgan Freeman, Randy Quaid and Christian Slater signed up to this film.

8) Rain Man: This film has nothing to do with rain at all. Tom Cruise, a self-centred LA hustler, and Dustin Hoffman, his autistic brother, end up on a trip that is more concerned about the delicate nuances of human nature than where they are actually headed. This should be played at all acting schools in the first semester.
9) Sunshine: Danny Boyle’s sci-fi horror movie about a group of scientists that are tasked with reigniting the sun to save humanity. It goes from geek porn to WTF near the end, and in it you can see first-hand the effects of over-exposure to that big yellow ball in the sky.
10) Rear Window: New York in a heat wave. An apartment-bound photographer that has nothing better to do with his time than look out of his window. This is the ultimate film about voyeurism, paranoia and is a document on how to use a camera to create suspense. One of Hitchcock’s best movies, if not just for the intro.


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